F1 set to ban FRIC suspension systems from German GP

Formula 1 governing body FIA is planning to ban ‘FRIC’ (front-to-rear interconnected suspension) systems, which have been in common use in recent seasons as a device for controlling steady ride height.

FIA has decided that teams have been pushing the limits and feels that systems planned for 2015, and the governing body has informed F1 teams that it believes the ‘FRIC’ systems used by most of them are illegal,

According to sources, the FIA advised the teams that they must remove the‘FRIC’ systems used by from their cars ahead of the German GP

A technical directive sent from Whiting to the teams read: “Having now seen and studied nearly every current design of front-to-rear linked suspension system, as well as reviewing future developments some teams have shared with us, we are firmly of the view that the legality of all such systems could be called into question, particularly with respect to compliance with Article 3.15 of the F1 Technical Regulations.

“As these systems, in one form or another, have been in use for some time we are inclined to permit their continued use for the remainder of the current season, however, we feel we would need the agreement of all participating teams to take this approach. We would therefore be very grateful if you could indicate whether you may be in a position to agree with such an approach.

“Failing this, we would have to consider making a report to the stewards about the non-compliance of any car fitted with a system which appears to allow the response of the suspension at either or both of the rear corners to drive the response of the suspension at either or both of the front corners (or vice versa).”

FRIC system is hard to see as it is completely internal. The basic principle behind FRIC suspension is to essentially keep the all four corners of the car at a constant ride height under braking, acceleration and during cornering.

  • PIV

    Yes that is the perfect assessment of the insanity.

  • Boycottthebull

    So its taken Charlie Whiting half way through the season to figure out that this major suspension system is illigal on most of the field and has decided to ban it after the last opportunity to do testing to check its impact. This stupidity ranks along side the engine development freeze before any race has taken place to discover their flaws. I cant wait for the Whiting/Todt/Bernie era to come to an end.

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